Lumina is the developer of the most advanced financial modeling software on the planet, Analytica®.

Lumina Decision Systems is the developer and publisher of Analytica. They also provide consulting to develop decision-support tools and decision analysis, especially for applications in energy and environment.  

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Max Henrion and Brian Arnold. Max is still Lumina's CEO and the lead designer of Analytica.

To meet the needs of demanding projects, Lumina often assembles virtual organizations bringing in complementary expertise and resources from affiliated organizations, like syconomic. Lumina's main office and R&D labs are located in Los Gatos in California's Silicon Valley.

See Lumina's website for more on how to reach them, who they are, job opportunities, the latest news and newsletters about Lumina and Analytica, and the history of Lumina.